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W-K Trucking is based four miles North of Mundare, Alberta; our trucks regularly work oil and gas fields within all of Central-North-Eastern Alberta...





Company Personnel

Principals: Wayne and Brian Dobush



Wayne, co-owner of the company, built W-K Trucking Inc. from the ground up. He began as a tank truck driver out in the field for many years until the company grew by adding several more trucks to the fleet. His position then changed into strictly dispatching and managing the company from the office. Wayne oversees the following areas of the company: maintenance of all equipment, development and implementation of safety policies and procedures, hiring and training of new employees, dispatch, supervision of administration, shop maintenance and mechanic personnel. Wayne, and brother Brian, both share the responsibility of being the liaison to oil company personnel ensuring open lines of communication to increase and maintain customer satisfaction. W-K Trucking Inc. grew rapidly between 2005 and 2008 due to Wayne and Brian’s belief in forward-thinking and diversification. They recognize that the oilfield is an ever-changing industry that requires constant adaptation.



Brian, co-owner of the company and brother to Wayne, has fulfilled the role of diversifying W-K Trucking Inc. Brian began in the industry as a tank truck driver himself for over ten years and experienced the rise and fall of the oilfield industry through the ‘90s. That experience taught him that a company should be diversified to remain successful. Brian spearheaded the building and development of the methanol storage facility and looks for opportunities to market specialty chemical hauling such as methanol, solvents, degreasers and condensate. He constantly strives to improve the company and maintain a level of customer service excellence. Brian oversees the following areas of the company: hiring and training of new employees, acquisition of additional work and work areas, requests for proposals, scheduling, maintenance of equipment and work areas, development and implementation of safety policies and procedures, dispatch, supervision of administration, shop maintenance and mechanic personnel. Wayne and Brian share the workload and responsibility of running the company and are scheduled alternating one week on and one week off to ensure management is  available at all times reinforcing their commitment to the company



Shauna is the sister of Wayne and Brian Dobush and began working at W-K Trucking Inc. in January 1999 after she completed a degree at the University of Alberta. In addition to office management, Shauna is involved in the ongoing development of the company Health, Safety and Environment program. She ensures the company remains 100% RAVS compliant on ISNetworld, manages information on Complyworks, and works with Management to develop and deploy safety policies and procedures. Shauna is also responsible for all aspects of foreign worker recruitment and retention.



        Len has been with W-K Trucking Inc. since 2006.  He drove professionally with our company           and in August 2010 became our field safety supervisor.  Len is responsible for all field safety           such as new lease & facility hazard reporting, employee spot checks, incident response and                 follow-up.  



Kevin has been working for W-K Trucking Inc. since 1995. He was a tandem and trailer driver until he was recruited to be a dispatcher in 2011. Kevin's vast experience as a company driver enables him to fully understand the demands of the drivers in the field.



Ben began at W-K Trucking Inc. as a tandem driver in November 2009 and later drove truck and trailer. Ben's positive attitude made him a terrific candidate for a dispatcher and he was trained in dispatch in spring 2013. 



Maureen Thiel began working at W-K Trucking Inc. in February 2004. Her previous experience as an office manager for ten years makes her a vital part of the administration team. Maureen works primarily in the payroll and accounts payable/receivable departments.



Barb Warawa began working at W-K Trucking in May 2004. Barb brings along several years of administration experience and previous knowledge of the trucking industry. Barb works primarily in the invoicing and collections department.